For those who think health foods are only about salads or all things green and bland, YOLO is here to set the record straight.

YOLO is a healthy take-away concept founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of “tasty food can actually be good for you”. We serve up an array of nutritionally balanced meals, designed by our nutritionist help you #eatyourgoals via different menus such as Shape-Up, Glow, Build or Energise. We also give you the chance to build your own healthy meal by selecting all the ingredients you love, calorie controlled, to create the perfect meal for you!


Our very own nutrition consultant, Jane Freeman, is an internationally acclaimed Dietician and IOC qualified Sports Nutritionist. She has worked in the field for over 20 years in the medical and research sectors. Most recently, she worked in London, her practice in Harley St being highly regarded by many top UK medical consultants. She also was a regular guest on BBC breakfast and news programs.

Jane recently graduated with an IOC diploma in sports nutrition, awarded to her by the Olympic Scientific and Medical director and gold medalist in Lausanne.

Our low-calorie menu!

It is all about mindful eating without the starvation, to be in tune with your body and balance your plate with nutrients helping your burn.

  • 300kcal main meals incorporating the secret combination of Low GI + High Protein
  • Knock off the insulin spikes and sugar cravings while increasing energy flow throughout the day
  • Reduce muscle loss by increasing protein, control weight and fill- up on high fiber
  • Protect as well as boost immunity with lots of extra antioxidants and phytonutrient powerhouse vegetables and fruits

Designed to keep your energy up all day, this menu is chock-filled with yummy nutritional ingredients- helping you go higher, faster and run at your optimum- on…. and on….and on.

  • Real food with super fresh ingredients
  • Low GI- providing slow release of energy the whole day
  • Good Proteins- helping the body repair and build as well as avoid mid-day crashes
Our low-GI menu
Our protein filled menu

Designed for those who need proteins to recover and build muscles. Our aim is to replace artificially manufactured produce, to put REAL and WHOLE food ingredients in your plate.

  • Real food to push, pump and power you to reach your fitness goals
  • Reach your strength and conditioning goals
  • Meals and snacks loaded with biologically available proteins that provide at least 45g of real food muscle- increasing amino acids

This menu is all about making your skin glow! It is filled with vitamins and anti-oxydants to help your skin stay hydrated and keep you look younger for longer!

  • Locally sourced ingredients big on power-house plant nutrients
  • Good Source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High in water-soluble and tissue repairing vitamins and minerals for fast absorption High in plant proteins
Our vitamin packed menu

YOLO is making your dream happen! You now can build your own healthy meal depending on your taste buds and diet program you are on. You are the one deciding what you want in your plate with a great level of control!

  • Choice between 1 protein, 2 sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce for $13.9 only!
  • 30g protein intake for any protein option
  • Warm side selection: from our signature “cauliflower fried rice style”, mashed sweet potatoes, cooked vegetables, barley risotto to cold sides such as our green salad, tofu salad or soba noodles.