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Diet Meal Plan – Eat Healthier & Achieve Weight Loss at the same time! The YOLO way


Choose from our three plans and get a plan that is tailored to YOU!


Each combo includes lunch, afternoon snack & dinner delivered straight to your door!


We offer 5, 10 & 30-day plans! Place your order and we send it everyday to you!


Enjoy a delicious variety of tasty meals from chicken rice, laksa to beef bulgogi!


From $32.9 for our daily plan to $27.9 if you take a longer plan! Inclusive of delivery!


YOLO has built different meal plans based on three specific benefits:


Shape-up – for that 365-day beach body

Wellness – Feel and perform at your best

Bulk – Build muscle and gain mass


Those meal plans are personalised to YOU and they are YOLO certified! It is means  that it is filled with your favourite food made healthy! Imagine you #eatingyourgoals while still enjoying laksa, chicken rice and bulgogi beef!


Each meal plan is carefully designed to suit your needs and introduce variety to your taste buds.
We take care of the science part and the cooking part! You just handle the eating part!


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Select the program you want to follow: The Lean Plan (weight-loss), the Wellness Plan (well-being) or the Power Plan (strength and muscle building).


Select the duration of your plan, from 1-day, 5-day, 10-day and 30-day plans.

The longer you choose the better the results are!


Nothing else! Once you pay, you are DONE! You will receive your daily delivery every morning from 10-11:30AM!

Our YOLO Meal Plan is specially made for individuals who are looking for an effective diet and weight loss meal plan.

We wanted to help Busy Singaporeans with limited options for Fresh and Healthier Meals around their Work Place or Home.

Preparing a carefully thought out Diet Meal Plan takes time and effort, so we did the research & hard work for you. Our food is prepared fresh everyday. We’ll deliver your meals through-out Singapore.

Every diet meal plan we serve you are calorie counted. Simply select from our 3 specially crafted programs: The Lean Plan (weight loss), the Wellness Plan (well-being) or the Power Plan (strength and muscle building).